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Flower Lady
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Default Repurposing a brass chandelier

OK ladies. We have a new thrift store in town and I found a brass chandelier the other day. The main body of it is true brass. Now, instead of trying to make sure all the electrical components work I was thinking of stripping them out of the thing and then painting it and possibly using it as a candle-chandelier for when I get around to the guest room redo. I'm thinking of spray painting the whole thing black. Has anyone here ever converted an electrical fixture to a candle fixture? Do you have pics? Any suggestions for the best way to remove the electrical components?
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Can't help you with advice, Flower Lady, but I've seen the converted fixtures on decorating shows on tv and I think they are so awesome.

Good luck with your project. Can't wait for some pictures.
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I've not converted one to a candlabra but I've painted solid brass black,, have one in one of the bedrooms.
I spray painted it black and put small lamp shades on.. It worked out great..
Also have two bedside lamps that were nice brass lamps, they are now white with floral shades from Target.

Have fun,, thirfy stores, I love 'em!!
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Flower, I don't know what all you have to remove, but when I buy old lamps to convert to fern stands and stuff I just clip the cords and wires.

Have you seen the "flicker candles" that are battery operated? Those make candle chandys very very simple (and safe )
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I stripped my crystal chandy for the bathroom. I just removed all the "candle" parts that held the electric, and then pulled it out. I think for a brass chandy, you wouldn't have to do that, but you could see the wires through mine, so I wanted them outta' there.

I added some votive holders to the arms, where the "candles" had been, using Marine Goop. I was going to use votives, but then didn't want to have to try to figure out how to get the residue out, so decided to use tea lights... but they sat so low in the holders, that I went and bought some more votive holders that kind of hang in the attached ones. I added some colored glass beads to the attached ones for color, and now I can easily change out the candles in it as they burn out.

I'll try to get a couple of pictures of it for you here in a bit... (*"*)
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I've painted a partial brass chandy black and then I also painted on cream. I used spray primer and then spray paint. I've never turned one into a candlabra though. I image if the bulb part is wide enough, or should I say the saucer part after you've pulled the electrical part out, then you could glue the votives on it with no trouble.
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