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HI! I belong to a non-denominational church and currently I'm heading up or womens ministry. I wanted to start a chat to discuss ideas for womens ministry meetings, how often yours meets, what topics you discuss, do you have outings, and just WM's in general.
Our's meets once a month normally at a clubhouse for a local housing addition, we have snacks, a short devotional, and we have differnent ministries that ladies can (but don't have too) sign up for. Ex: visitation ministry, card ministry, welcome ministry etc. We also have outings usually every 3-4 months which is normally some type of shopping and lunch. We are kicking around the idea of having a sleep over in January at a local hotel. There are normally 20-25 ladies at our monthly meetings. I'm just looking for other ideas and suggestions of what some other ladies groups do! thought it would be fun to see what others do for fun!
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At our church in San Diego we would host a church-wide singles dinner, from single college and career kids, to senior widows and widowers, single parents, single agains, all of them.

After dinner, we'd have a 'sit at the table and chat' fellowship during which the older women would get up, move next to one of the single women, especially the single moms, get acquainted and then would quietly 'adopt' her. These older women would invite the single gals to lunch, be there for them when they needed encouragement or advice, in some cases would sponsor them to retreats, luncheons or other events. In general, they became Titus mothers to the single gals.

Is that the type of activity you're looking for? Hope it helps.
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Well this might be fun and very worthwhile at the same time.
Host a Baby shower for your local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Call them ahead so they can give you a list of their needs and invite them to come open the gifts to take them back to present to these mother's in need.

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I lead a WM in our small church. We are primarily a missions group. We learn about mission projects and missionaries who are serving all over the world.We undertake fundraisers to help them financially.We visit nursing homes and bring small dollar store gifts to some of the women who are able to converse with us.

We meet monthly and have devotionals, prayer requests, enjoy a lunch and plan for our projects. We plan for fellowship activities such as antique trips, dining out , etc. I appreciate this thread and ope to learn some new ideas from others.
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Beachy1, one of the best experiences I have had in our WM is we all spent the night at our church.
We fasted the whole day and shared testimonies and showed old pics of what we looked like before we started living for the Lord. We planned a few projects and sang music. We did this on a Sat night so the next morning we got up fixed breakfast and got ready for church service. It was a awesome experience.
We are raising money right now for a trip to Branson in Nov. We love road trips. Sometimes we will get together and drive a few hours and shop and eat. It is a great fellowship.
Over the summer we let the youth girls raise money and then the ladies and youth girls had a shopping trip. They divided the money raised between the girls and they had a blast.
When we take our trip to Branson the men are having a sleepover with all the youth at our pastors house and then they are going hunting. The one's that are old enough.
We always have stuff going on. Since I quit work I have been going nonstop doing things with and for our church. We also do a lot of reaching out to the community.
Sorry to have written so much, hope I didn't bore you.
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Our church is pretty big, so our Women's ministry is really active. We have an annual fall retreat (just came back yesterday, as a matter of fact) at a beautiful hotel. We have weekly events, monthly events, quarterly events and annual events. For the weekly things, we have bible studies and prayer groups. We used to have aerobics on Tues/Thurs (I was the instructor) but I had to take this year off because of schedule conflicts. There are also playgroups, although those aren't officially part of the women's ministry. Monthly stuff inlcudes Mug 'n Muffin (sort of a Christian book club) and Latte with Ladies (a desert fellowship evening with a teaching by our pastor's wife, followed by discussion groups.) We have something called "MUMS" which is similar to MOPS, a morning of craft, food, fellowship and teaching for moms of small kids. Quarterly, we have a Ladies evening of Praise and Worship...lots of praise and testimonies and food. (Are we seeing a food pattern here? LOL). We also have a Praying Wives meeting quarterly which is a time for women to come and pray specifically for thier husbands. We have a craft group that meets monthly, a single mom pot luck dinner club, a quilting group, a mission awareness group and a few other events I can't remember.

For the annual events, we do the retreat I mentioned, a Christmas party for kids, a Valentine's tea, and something in the summer that changes each year.

And all year long, but not regularly scheduled are accountability groups, book clubs, prayer groups, pot lucks, and whatever else we think up and have the energy to conduct.

We're a busy church!!!

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