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Default Gawd - Pick A Style

Rent this Big Logan Square Mansion for $7,000/month


The house has been seeking a buyer since 2012

by AJ LaTrace @ajlatrace Mar 14, 2016, 3:04p
1856 N. Fairfield Avenue VHT Studios One of the largest, and more interesting looking mansions in Logan Square has returned to the market. It's not only for sale, but it's also available to rent. Over the weekend, a reader sent over a Craigslist ad for the home, which is asking $7,000 per month for rent. Described as "extremely unique" by the listing agent, this home with its over the top exterior and interior design has been seeking a buyer for the last few years. In 2012, while the real estate market was still quite fragile, the home listed for $1.599 million. However, the market has warmed back up and the Logan Square area has become one of the hottest neighborhoods for buyers in recent years. Those who would prefer to buy the home outright instead of renting are looking at an asking price of $1.299 million.
$7000 / 4br - Extremely Unique 4 Bed/5 Bath. [Cra
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Ya just cannot buy taste, or good sense.


It looks like the owner of a building supply place took a ten year inventory of leftovers, and built himself a house.

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Why does the exterior remind me of an insect's head? Good grief! How did that kitchen get into that house?
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Curious about the dining room floor. It looks like a raised plank that the table/chairs on on. Matches the floor in the kitchen but I don't think I have seen this done.
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The stager should be driven out of town on a settee.
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Well, the whole house looks pretty contemporary/modern (which I don't care for at all, for myself), with the exception of the kitchen.

I could stand the kitchen, or parts of it... The floor is rather busy... and the gold gilding on the cabinets is over the top. And the island top? Ugh!

It's the only room that doesn't really "go" with the rest of the house.

As for me, I have a pretty good mix of styles in my house... and that's just it, it's my house. My home... I like different styles. Fortunately for me, I don't plan on moving until the coroner comes for me... So, I can have a bit of Old World/Country/Rustic in my kitchen... French Country in my living room... Cottage/Vintage in the master...

I think they'd do well to paint out the cabinets in the kitchen, and then everything else wouldn't stand out so much... you could deal with the dizzying floor and that pink marble island top...
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The kitchen is out of place. The rest of the house would appeal to someone looking for a contemporary home but then the kitchen probably turns them off. That's unfortunate. Personally I wouldn't be able to handle the windows near the floor. I like to see out. I can see why it isn't selling.
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Nancy ME/WI
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I love the contemporary design shown in the first few photos, and then it goes straight down the toilet. That kitchen, especially, is just hideous. A sledge hammer and jack hammer would be put to good use.

I agree, pick a freakin' style and stick with it!
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Too many straight lines and quirky pattern fighting with each other, and all going in different directions. There is nothing pleasing to the eye, IMO.
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If I had to pay $7000 per month rent, I would want a maid, butler, chaffeur, and gardener all included. Oh yes, a cook too. I don't mind the house at all but would never pay that much money for it.
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Why on earth would anyone install windows at floor level? You can't see out unless you get on your knees but people at street level can look right at you.
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It's bright; that's about all I like about it... hubby would love the stove!
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Why is that kitchen in that house? Very strange.
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Sonny Dayz
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They'd have to pay me to live there... ewwww
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Ewww to the kitchen. And why do you need a bathroom that big? And maybe it's just the photo, but the one from the outside makes the building look unlevel.
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