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Default Hmmmm.....where to put this post.......

Didn't dare put it on the Gardening forum, but anyway.....
I have a 6ft yucca plant that is constantly getting leaf spots, problems, etc. Getting too old to drag it into the shower and clean up the mess I make.

trying to find a 6ft yucca online - love the thick trunks and spiky leaves but unable.

I was thinking of - yikes here goes - cutting off the green heads, and drying out the trunks so that I could buy some artificial heads.

My question - how do I dry out or 'preserve' or prepare the trunks for that?

try looking that up on Google! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a pic of my alive plant.
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You might be better off buying an artificial tree. There are some very good ones out there now days that are made from real branches and artificial leaves.
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I am thinking the same. Go with an artificial. I just Googled "six foot artificial yucca", without the quotes, and saw a lot that were pretty nice.
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I've had plants like this several times... didn't really know what they were called til now?!? When It comes to house plants, I'm of the "kill it, or cure it" camp... with a pretty good success rate. If something is looking "sick" an extreme "haircut" just might fix it?!?

NOT an expert on plants, but do know this about this one. It's TOUGH! You could cut it off a few inches from the dirt and it WILL come back... just shorter. If you put the part you cut off in cater, it WILL root and can start a new plant. Only thing I know this plant is NOT good with is extreme cold. Leave one outside during a NE winter (PA or north) and it'll pretty much be toast. It's not very picky about over/under watering.

What's "wrong" with the Garden forum??
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Default to thatchairlady

I didn't want to put it on the gardening forum since I wanted to cut it up and kill it. Didn't think they would like that!
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It's not a yucca, but is similar.



I would think that drying out the trunk would cause it to discolor, and pit. Hence, the above.

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Yup! I think I am just going to have to compromise on the height to get the thick trunk and spiky leaves that I want. thanks all.
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