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Default Your interiour colors...

Are they more conducive to fall/winter or spring/summer or????????

My house is mostly browns/soft golds etc. Looks lovely for fall/winter but blahhhhhhhhhh for spring summer.
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I have neutral upholstery and walls. I change out accent pillows and accessories from ones with brighter colors for spring/summer to ones with deeper colors for autumn/winter. I also change out bedding.
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Lots of blues, yellows. Some reds although we've changed out some of the red for blue.

We get lots of light in all our rooms so they look lovely all year. I'm not sure why certain colors wouldn't look good in different seasons. really, brown is around in nature year round, as are golds.
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I have mostly warm colors. Persimmon, creams, golds, greens, peachy-rust, beige, grey. The one color I don't have currently is blue, even though I like it.
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QVC Diva
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lots of blues
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blue and orange summer

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Linderhof Cottage
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I have a lot of beige and green (and one yellow bedroom) but because our living room walls are a dark green it's not really a summer room as is the dining room which is papered in a darker paper. So our house is not really a "summer house" (hey, I need to get a cabin by a lake for those three months, I guess -- LOL!)

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Nancy ME/WI
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Definitely fall/winter.

Very earthy with dark brown, burnt orange, mossy green and a touch of gold.
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browns, light golds, off white...but in desperate need of some COLOR!!!
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A mix, really. Beiges in all public spaces and office.

Goldier beige in "public" bathroom.

Pale peach in bedroom. Lavender in laundry room. Smoky aqua in rec room.

And, "Needs Redoing" in master bathroom but it will be along the lines of "mushroom." Unless Mr. BuddyBoo relents and lets me do it pink!!!

Should note that flooring is pretty much the same in all rooms, except laundry. Floors are cream carpeting or vinyl. Not much floor color variation in order to make the rooms look bigger as you go from room to room.

Oddly, only the wall colors change. The woods are similar as are acessories. They can all go from room to room and still look good. Nothing is "stuck" in a room due to colors.

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Red wall off white walls,green furniture, and a light oatmeal carpet. Think christmas!
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Living room, dining room, Himself's study, Entry Hall, one wall in Kitchen are a deep gold. Other walls in Kitchen are a true blue. Back room (three sides glass, one of which is two stories high) is off white. Bath off entry hall is a soft sage. My study/studio is white so the colors I am working with will be true. The laundry room is white.

Stairwell and all the upper halls are deep gold (all are open to the downstairs). One guest room is deep blue - matches a blue in the comforter, and the bathroom is white. Two guest bedrooms are a soft, soft butter yellow (my favorite color in the house). The MBR is a deep turquoise to match one of the colors in the comforter, and the bathroom is a deep smoke. The other upstairs bathroom is white.

All the closets are the same white as used in the rest of the house. The closets are a satin white, and the white is the truest one I could find. All the other paint is eggshell finish.
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At the house public space is a soft grey with white trim. Bedrooms a soft blue, all bathrooms bright white. I have a personal preference for white bathrooms.
Cabinetry is all white in baths and kitchen, although the kitchen island and bar in the living area are black. There are touches of color a deep wine, peacock blue, silver.
The apt is done in burnt orange and brown. I'm expanding the living space to include a giant living area. It will have black and white tiles white walls. It's a loft like space. The apt is separated and will stay the same colors, cause I ain't the bank of Italy.
The color accent will be turquoise.
The dining space downstairs will have white walls ( two walls are brick) and I'll go with a turquoise and orange pallet for the space. I'm leaning towards a retro dining table and leather booth. It's a narrow space and I think using a booth on the back wall would be awesome.

It all sounds odd, but really it works.
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Beau's Rose
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Not a speck of beige, gray, or tans. Paint colors are soft tropical ones with aqua, teal, ocean blue and a soft lime green in dining room. The main floors are white tile and wood trim in white also. It works well in sunny FL.
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Silver Springs
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All walls are white with a hint of grey and accessories are grey, aqua & orange! Except for my jadeite fire king corner, oh, and my red, white & blue stuff and...looking around it's like being under the big tent
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I'd say my colors are summer.
Bedrooms & bathrooms are different shades of light blue to mimic the color of a swimming pool (calmness). The colors are Aquarius, Crisp Morning Air, California Cool. Bedroom carpets are beige (sand).

Kitchen is traditional Yellow ( sunshine).

Great room is Corn Stalk, a light green ( greenery)

The laundry room is Passion Peach just because it's a cheery color for a boring chore.

The hallway is white just for lightness.

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I love BRIGHT colors. We have a very vibrant teal in the den, the kitchen and dining room are much more subdued than I would normally have chosen, but we have so much colorful artwork that the color- a grayish- lilac works well.
Our old house was very modern so bright bright colors worked as paint- but this house was built in 1960, and the bright doesn't work as well. Instead, we have a lot of artwork, textiles, and furniture that is brightly colored, and the walls less so. The bedroom will be a medium silvery gray when it is done. The living room- well, the jury is still out but the furnishings are so bright, I will have to be a bit careful as to the wall color.
The powder room (not done yet) will be almost black, with a random, faded silvery stencil. Jim's bathroom is terra cotta, and royal blue, and mine is deliberately white (the only white room in the house) and very froo-froo with lace, and a lovely chandelier and jeweled picture framed prints from the Kama Sutra.
We haven't even begun to look at the sun room- it has a brick wall and we are using it as a music room/reading room... so it will be fun to do.

UGH a work in progress, but suffice it to say- the brighter and more colorful the better... I like deep, jewel tones- there is nothing muted about me or my style. LOL

The outside of the house is brick with gray siding- we painted the shutters a deep, bright purple, and the doors (front and back) a real red-red.
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no whites or beiges here - unless in the window treatments.

center hall and a bedroom upstairs is creamy butter color.

DR is an olive green - kitchen is 2 shades lighter of the DR color.

LR is a shade darker than the center hall yellow

upstairs are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom that are various shades of blue.

woodwork throut is 100 yr old oak trim! yummy!!
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Lots of colors!!!

Kitchen walls, right now, are cream, with a glaze of taupe, accents of dark red, greens, blues, a bit of orange, and some purple. Very Autumn-ish ish... Black appliances, and cabinets are soon to be black as well, with a wash of dark green on the uppers, and possibly the whole china buffet...

Living room is two tones of jade/teal green, lots of burgundy and blue accents, touches of purple... Still more Autumn-ish than Spring or Summer, I guess.

Master is currently a dark periwinkle, but that will change after the master bath redo is done. The master will be a dark inky purple, the bath the dark periwinkle...

Hall is taupe with burgundy dry brush on top, Heart Pine wainscoting, soon to be stained a mix of Gunstock and darker...

Hall bath is taupe, black trim... burgundy and green accents...

My "Mamaw's Room" is a smokey purple... accents of burgundy and blues...

Girlies' room is yellow, rather bright now, but I'm toning it down to more of a buttery yellow... Lots of bright accents... purple WTs...

Peanut's room is taupe... We're planning some Heart Pine wainscoting in there too... a sort of a mountainy theme in there...

Their Jack and Jill bath is a BRIGHT green, colorful accents...

Laundry room is still TBD... I really want to plaid the walls...

Lots of Autumn, I guess, with touches of Spring/Summer thrown in...
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No white walls here!

Downstairs bath is a brown. The hall, great room, kitchen, and dining are all a sage green. The livingroom is a work in progress....currently a cream, but it will be a taupe one we are finished remodeling it.

Upstairs...My room is a brown, the hall is a soft yellow, the bath is a bright yellow, the laundry is a teal. DS's room a blue/grey, DD1 a bright pink, DD2 a light blue, DD3 a purple.

All my trim is white.
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Merrill Lea
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I love pale blue and pink, but would prefer neutrals in the living room. The prettiest room in my house has French blue walls, white furniture and touches of yellow.
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Merrill Lea
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Originally Posted by Beau's Rose View Post
Not a speck of beige, gray, or tans. Paint colors are soft tropical ones with aqua, teal, ocean blue and a soft lime green in dining room. The main floors are white tile and wood trim in white also. It works well in sunny FL.
Definitely --- it works well in sunny Florida!
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Originally Posted by Nancy ME/WI View Post
Definitely fall/winter.

Very earthy with dark brown, burnt orange, mossy green and a touch of gold.
OMG, Nancy, I didn't realize we have the same exact colors in our homes! Eerie!
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Maine Lady
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The largest rooms (great room, kitchen, den, main hall and MBR) are all off white The mud room and coat closet are both light sage. The sunroom is interactive cream (with then natural light it has a peach undertone). The hall in the bedroom wing is dark gold, bedrooms are dark taupe and coral bells, laundry is dark red. Bathrooms are light blue green, almost white with a green tint and cobalt blue.
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